Touky & Musmuss

Touky&Musmuss, is a children’s book from the dutch writer Dennis van Middendorp.

“It was fun to translate it in english  so a lot of children in the world can enjoy their stories and adventures”

This book is almost ready for release!

A short preview from the children’s book: Touky&Musmuss

The small mouse quickly climbs on the back of the toucan..
“Hold on tight, here we go”, Touky shouts.
Touky’s spreading his wings and WOOSH (flying away which feels like a big airwave), flies up in the air.
He flies through the trees high up into the sky.
“Wowwww”, Musmuss shouts, when theyare high above the trees, “how beuatifal and amazing is this”.
Musmuss is amazerd what to see up in the sky, the trees, the animals ans the ocean.
Touky smiles and flies a couple of times around the forrest so his friend can enjoy it.
After a fee rounds he asks his friend: “Where do we go?’
Musmuss looks down and spots a river ans followsthe river.
The river is heading a rock and toen falling down, a waterfall.
“Thee Touky”, Musmuss shouts, “I want to go to the waterfall!”
“Okidoki”, Touky reacts and dives down to ahead the waterfall, the wind is wooshing through his feathers.
“Hang on, we are going to land”, calls Touky, “dry or wet?”
“I choose wet”, Musmuss calls back.
A couple of seconds later 2 friends are falling, with a big splash, into the lake near the waterfall.
When above the water they are laughing out loud, thats a lot of fun!.
“Hahaha, that was great!”.
“What a view you have up in the sky, it’s amazing, we should do that more often”, Musmuss says to his friend.
Touky laughs and dives in the water again.
Seconds later he grabs Musmuss and throws him into the air.
“Got ya”, he laughs.
Thee he grabs his friend and puts him on a rock.
There they sit and eat some nuts together.
When they look around their eyes spot something at the waterfall.
Something is blinking behind the waterfall, that’s weird..
“Let’s take a look”, they shout at the same time.
Quickly they het up and heading towards the waterfall.
But how do they get behind the waterfall??
It takes some time to swim through the falling water but they make it.
They’re behind the waterfall!

Strange? There’s a stair in the rocks but no room for flying, they have to climb.
“Let’s try Touky, we can do it!’
Carefully the friends climb up the stairs, but it isn’t easy.
Then they get to a big door made of rock with a picgture of a golden carpet on it.
Beneath the carpet some letters are carved into the rock and also a big diamon, a beautifull shiny stone, in it. Onder het tapijt staan vier letters uitgehakt in de wand “Which that would be?’, Touky asks.
“I don’t know”, Musmuss says and looks around.
Then he suddenlu spots a small pot in a corner.
Curiously he removes the cover….
It’s a little dusty in the pot but at the bottom they see a paper roll/
What would that be?
Carefully Musmuss opens the paper.
When all open, they see stripes, arrows and dots at what looks lake a map.
“It’s a treasure map!”, Touky shouts. “ that will be fun, we are going to search a treasure Musmuss”, and dances around.

Which adventures the treasure map will bring Touky&Musmuss


Hope you like the preview of Children’s book Touky&Musmuss

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